Tobias’ Foods, Part 1

Good morning! I  thought I would take some time and share Tobias’ diet with you and some of his favorite meals. I will be breaking it up into four posts on Thursdays. Foods he eats, meals he loves, food for travel, dance class and links to his support group.

We try to stick to a Paleo type lifestyle to keep his blood sugars under control. He is not using insulin, his food is his insulin. This means he doesn’t eat grains, dairy or refined sugars. We have also found that for him, pork will raise his numbers the next day. And starches like potatoes and butternut squash raise him immediately, for days. My mother always told me, whenever I  reached for something sugary as a child, that foods take seven days to leave the system! She was so right!

Anyway, Im getting ahead of myself. We stick to organic and local ingredients. Mostly chicken, turkey, fish (shrimp and salmon) and beef. His favorite veggies are bok choy, spinach, cauliflower, celery root, broccoli, rainbow chard, garlic, kale and onions. I pretty much stick with these with variating herbs (loves cilantro) and spices. We love coconut aminos and garlic sauce. We try to regulate how many carbs he eats at each meal by what his blood sugar number is. If his numbers are lower or normal he adds berries to his meal, blueberries or strawberries usually.

We try to top every meal with a healthy oil (A balanced plate is 1/2 veggies, 1/4 fat and 1/4 protein). This helps him gain muscle as well as hormone balance. Right now we are using flax. We rotate avocado, olive and coconut as well.

Last, I do occasionally make treats. I use almond and coconut flour, and swap out some of the flour in a recipe for hemp protein or gelatin powder. This turns treat cookies into snacks he can eat on the go! I will be sharing some of our favorite recipes next week!


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