Tobias’ Foods, Part 3

Tobias is on a competitive dance team, so travel is a big part of our lives. Also, we are foodies! But I have to say this is the most challenging part while not taking insulin. Sometimes we get lucky and find organic or grass fed/local restaurants, I am constantly on my phone researching cities! Most of the time we are searching for restaurants that have steak or salmon, which can be near impossible for lunch. If there is a Chipotle in town, we will go there.

We are in Sacramento tons. We love Cafeteria 15LHock FarmElla Dining Room and Bar and Grange Restaurant to name a few.

Hotels like the Residence Inn are great because they have full-sized refrigerators and a stove top. So if this is an option for us, we stay here. Then I can bring meals already prepared from home that can be easily warmed up. Unfortunately,  this isn’t an option very often. So we eat out at hotel restaurants. As you can guess, I’m sure, we stick to proteins and veggies. This can get costly so I make sure to bring all his snacks (protein cookies, homemade beef jerky, nuts, berries) and drinks (tea and sparkling water) from home. Or if there is a Whole Foods close,  I will go there and get some foods from their deli. We always travel with a microwave!

There are a lot of very late nights at hotels and the restaurants have closed. So bar food is sometimes the only available option. So he tends to eat a lot of dry wings with carrots and celery. This season I hope to remember to bring our safe BBQ sauce!

Travel is challenging, but a way of life. We are all learning everyday on this diabetic journey! Our focus is to teach Tobias how to navigate his way as healthy as he can. XO


Follow me on Instagram, I will tag restaurants and post meal pics during our competition season!


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