Adding Insulin to our Tool Bag

The first thing I told myself when I started this journey with Tobias almost fifteen months ago, was that I would tell the story as it unfolds. No matter what happened. When I was looking for natural healing online support a year ago, there weren’t many stories out there. And some of the ones I did find dropped off after insulin was needed. I want to put our entire journey with diabetes out there, a journal of sorts. I hope it helps someone.

Not sure how or where to start this. I’m feeling a bit broken hearted and trying to stay positive.  Mis Joelle started her Instagram day today with the sentence “Fear isn’t real”.  So I will use this as my courage to write this.

We went 407 days without insulin. Managing Tobias’ Type 1 Diabetes through diet and exercise. We use a strict Paleo diet, supplements, essential oils, chiropractic care, massage, a nutritionist and a team of doctors. We had a completely Paleo Thanksgiving on November 16th. It was lovely how (most of) the family pitched in and stayed true to the Paleo site I had included in their invitation! With all that cooking and planning of this feast I failed to actually watch how many carbs Tobias’ was eating. He started his next day in the high 200’s and then it was 384. That’s where I drew the line. It had been our highest number ever and I knew it was still climbing.

The problem is we don’t have any idea what is happening to his body when he is over his MD prescribed zone of 80-150. For every article about how he’s doing damage to his organs, I can find you an article about how people live in the 300’s without any damage. And then people talk about the dangers of going high then crashing. The highs and lows. Well, he’s never had many lows….So???

Anyway, our gut instinct was that 384 was too high and with much deliberation we choose to take a unit of Humalog. (We always kept the thought that we would use insulin as one of the many tools in our bag.) He came down immediately for the rest of that day and until 3pm the next. Then he was back up into the 200’s. We were able to get those down with diet and exercise within a couple days. But then he got sick on November 19th.  A bad cold with green mucus and a sore throat. He wasn’t with me the first three days of it, but once I got him back I attacked it low carb as usual with bone broth, soups, echinacea, turmeric and ginger tea and supplements. He even exercised when he felt better after a couple days of lying flat (snow ball fights and ice skating!). Nothing worked. He was still in the high 200’s. Climbing to 301.  Was it the temp outside? Was it hormonal? The cold? We were wondering why this sickness was taking so long to heal! And then today, still under the weather,  he was 364. So, another shot. This time a unit of Lantus to see if we can help his pancreas while we fight the end of this cold.

I am disappointed we are at this point but thankful for Virginia Irby for keeping me grounded. I will be up tonight checking on Tobias’ numbers, making sure he doesn’t go too low. So far it is as it says, slow acting. We will of course continue as before, hoping to use food not insulin. We will be starting the Gaps Diet Friday, keeping our hearts and minds open to good health and healing!

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Squaw Valley!


4 thoughts on “Adding Insulin to our Tool Bag

  1. I am a T1 myself and started a low carb way of eating this year. It is the way for me to get control. It sounds like he was in a “honeymoon” phase, not needing insulin. I’m sure you extended that period of time by “lots” because of all the great care you gave him. It is such a difficult disease. So many struggles. I belong to a FB group supporting Dr Bernstiens low carb approach to diabetes. There are a few actually and I have learned so much. Type 1 Grit is one. I find most Drs push high carb standard American diet and that is truly the way to keep us sick. I loved reading about all of the ways you are helping your son. My son is also Type 1. Good thoughts being sent your way😃


    1. Thank you! We are over the honeymoon phase and into the crazy phase! I am also a member of the Dr. Bernstiens group. We stay in the Paleo/AIP diet area though, no dairy. I agree that the doctors push the high carb, eat whatever you want approach. They don’t know any better because they don’t have any nutritional schooling. I just wish they would outsource. I would love to hear more of your story. Feel free to email me at Good luck to you and your son!


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