Meal Prep Example!

Happy New Year! I wanted to share a Meal Prep example with you. My client today is a 3×4. She feeds her family of five and she says her meals usually stretch to more then three meals. I offered up (menus are custom to your dietary lifestyle) Broccoli and Potato Soup with rolls, Fiesta Beans with tortillas (for a light meal) and Prosciutto wrapped rosemary, garlic and asparagus stuffed chicken breast. Her total spent for almost all organic, was $142. Thats approximately $9 a serving!

For $9 a serving I planned her week, grocery shopped, came to her house and cooked (smells amazing when you get home), cleaned, plated and put away all the meals in her fridge. I left her my personal receipt along with her market receipt. There will be a check waiting on her counter when I come for next weeks meals!

Easy Peasy! Let’s get you back to the home table! IMG_8396



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