End of my detox. Now what?

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I just finished a 21 day Standard Process detox. I wasn’t perfect. I had a couple of coffee’s with cream around the time my grand baby was being born and two meals out with wine around that same time. But I’m proud of myself because it was hard! Dairy is not my friend and that makes me mad. I am hoping to work on my gut bacteria and change that.
I did this detox because I was having health issues. Arthritis symptoms in my hands and arms (intense pain) and hives. After the first week (yes it got worse before better) it went away and I only had one more outbreak of hives at about a week ago. I lost a couple pounds and some inches from the loss of inflammation. I was obviously toxic! This is why I always recommend cleanses as a starting place when you have health issues. I still have some hormonal work to do, hot flashes are back! lol
Like with most cleanses organic-zoneit definitely gets me back to what’s important. A whole food organic diet and more important for me, eating more then once a day. For me the struggle is staying out of the restaurants and making food that I will eat. I don’t eat a ton of meat like Tobias. And with cooking for him and for a living, sometimes I don’t want to make myself food. The soups I ate these last three weeks worked perfect, so I will try to carry that on. Also, absolutely loved the Standard Process protein shakes and fiber. I will keep those as well.
Eating is one of the ways we take care of ourselves and love ourselves. I feel like we as women and moms are giving all of ourselves everyday, we forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes for me it feels selfish. I want to try and be better at this! XO

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