Food Journals & Kitchen Makeovers

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Love to cook but don’t have the time to search for recipes? Or, struggling with a particular eating plan?  Recipe journals are full of recipes picked out especially for your lifestyle. Each journal is organized into weeks with a grocery list that’s easy to grab and go.

~ Investment: $35 per week or $135 for a month. ~

Kitchen RemodelScreen Shot 2015-10-07 at 20.57.45

These are my favorite! This is where I come into your home and throw out all your unhealthy foods and replace your basics with organic wholesome alternatives! Spring Cleaning for your kitchen pantry and fridge! Your home should be your safe place for you and your children. Create good habits!  Everything in your kitchen should be healthy and beneficial. Keep your challenging/treat/cheat foods outside the home!

~ Investment- $75 an hour + cost of food ~

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