Tobias’ Foods, Part 2

HI! Tonight I want to talk a bit about Tobias’ meals and share a couple favorite recipes. Cooking scratch so often can be daunting. For me it’s all about having the organic ingredients available. We have beef delivered monthly from a local farm, and buy chicken from Costco. Nice to know on a pinch I just have to go out to the garage freezer and grab protein! It only takes 30 minutes in a sink of hot water to defrost. I like to have some packages of frozen veggies in there to, just in case!

Most nights, like last night, I throw about 8 chicken thighs with olive oil and veggies into my cast iron and bake at 375 for 30 minutes. Easy! Atlantic salmon and spinach were dinner tonight. I just baked it in the toaster over, 7 minutes on each side with olive oil and garlic salt!

Cast Iron pans are perfect for crispy skin chicken, Tobias’ favorite. I take skin-on organic chicken thighs and smother them with a curry spice and butter, then pan fry them skin down on med high until crispy. Flip them and put them in the oven for 45 minutes to bake.  Yummy! And you can switch up the spice! Dinners are basically protein, veggies and fat. I was crunching numbers and I think he eats less than 25 grams of carbs on a regular day of home cooked foods.  Breakfast and lunches are leftovers, so I try to make larger meals. If your having problems with your kids taking lunch to school, check in with the nurse. Ours has a microwave she lets the kids use. Some teaches do too!

There are certain fridge items we just can’t buy at the store because it has sugar in it. Like bbq sauce and salad dressings. These have to be made at home. Any asian foods and sauces as well because they contain sugar and soy. Spicy and Sticky Coconut Chicken is a family,  as well as a client favorite and it has an asian flavor.

Tobias eats about every two to three hours. So his snacks are nuts, pistachios being his favorite right now, homemade beef jerky or baked snacks I make. We love these Cinnamon Cookies. I substitute 1/2 cup of the flour with grass fed gelatin to make it a snack. You can do this with many different paleo cookies. He also loves gelatin gummies. I sub out honey in any recipe for maple syrup because it doesn’t effect his blood sugars.

Drinks? Tea is great! I steep teas and then add stevia. Chill and its like a treat! So many different flavors! He also loves sparkling mineral water.

For yummy photos of Tobias’ food as well as client dishes, check me out here on Instagram! Next week I will talk about travel and restaurants. XO

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